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Who is MCG and what do we do?


MCG was created in 2001 as a service to assist small companies with the ongoing administration of day to day business. Many small business owners have come to realize the smallest details can become big issues and we at MCG assist clients to capture and analyze the little things before they get out of hand.  We focus on data capture and analytics to assist in making forward thinking decisions based on historical trends. 


MCG and our staff have expertise and experience in a variety of business administration and management functions but we have divided our focus into three specializations.



The Consulting Group focuses primarily on bookkeeping, payroll and business processes.  We implement, maintain and train your staff on a variety of software systems from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


The Construction Group focuses on Minority and Female participation on projects with Governmental or internal company goals.   We work with large construction firms to assist them in locating and working with female and minority owned firms as well as effectively tracking workforce and direct contracts.  We also work with small Minority or Female owned firms to build capacity and partner to work on larger projects.



The Care group focuses on Chemical Dependency and Mental Health billing as well as Group Residential Housing administration. We work with all insurance providers for your treatment clients as well as State GRH residential program billing and administrative management.